These instructions assume that you already have a Django project up and running. For instructions on setting up Django for the first time, if installing a brand new application server just for a web music library doesn’t deter you, has some good documentation:

Once Django is installed and running:

  1. Install Exordium via pip install django-exordium

    • If Exordium hasn’t been installed via pip or some other method which automatically installs dependencies, install its dependencies:

      pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Add exordium, django_tables2, and dynamic_preferences to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  3. Include the exordium URLconf in your project like this:

    url(r'^exordium/', include('exordium.urls')),
  4. Run python migrate exordium to create the Exordium models.

  5. Run python migrate dynamic_preferences to create the Dynamic Preferences models, if this wasn’t already configured on your Django install.

  6. Run python loaddata --app exordium initial_data to load some initial data into the database. (This is not actually strictly speaking necessary - the app will create the necessary data automatically if it’s not found.)

  7. If running this from a “real” webserver, ensure that it’s configured to serve Django static files. Then run python collectstatic to get Exordium’s static files in place.

  8. Either start the development server with python runserver or bring up your existing server. Also ensure that you have a webserver configured to allow access directly to your music library files, and optionally to the zipfile downloads Exordium will create.

  9. Visit the administrative area in Dynamic Preferences > Global preferences and set the values for the following:

    • Exordium Library Base Path: This is what defines where your music library can be found on disk.
    • Exordium Media URL: This is the base URL which provides direct access to the files in your library. Omit the trailing slash, though things will probably work fine even if it’s in there. Without this set properly, song download links will be broken and the streaming player will not work properly.
    • Exordium Zip File Generation Path: Path on the filesystem to store zipfile album downloads. This is the one location in which the user running Django needs write access.
    • Exordium Zip File Retrieval URL: This is the base URL providing web access to that zipfile directory.

    Without the last two options, Exordium will still function fine, but the album-download button will not be rendered. Exordium will also function without the “Exordium Media URL” option being set properly, though with the caveats mentioned above.

  10. If Zipfile downloads are configured, a process should be put into place to delete the zipfiles after a period of time. I personally use a cronjob to do this:

    0 2 * * * /usr/bin/find /var/audio/exordiumzips -type f -name "*.zip" -mtime +2 -print -exec unzip -v {} \; -exec rm {} \;
  11. Visit the Library Upkeep link from the Exordium main page and click on “Start Process” to begin the initial import into Exordium!